How to speed up Android Performance

Over time, the performance of android phones is getting increasingly slow. This can happen because of certain things, fortunately, there are several ways that can be used to speed up Android phones.

Because even the fastest Android phones will start showing their age if it’s been used for too long. Well before you choose to buy a new cellphone, try to use the following methods.

1. OS update

Make sure your android smartphone has been updated to the latest operating system. The trick, enter the Settings menu> About Device> Software Update> and touch the Check for Update button.

If there is a recent update, update it immediately on your Android smartphone. In addition to maximizing performance on smartphones, there will usually be new features after the update.

2. Pay attention to the amount of memory

Each smartphone is equipped with different memory specifications. Besides RAM, internal memory capacity also affects smartphone performance.

When there is very little internal memory available, this can be a factor in your Android smartphone being slow.

To overcome this problem, avoid storing data until it meets internal storage. We recommend that you use a smartphone that is equipped with memory card support or a smartphone with a large internal memory.

3. Clean the Home Screen

The main screen or home screen is often filled with application shortcuts, both from frequently used applications and newly installed applications. Clean up the shortcut.

In addition to these problems, make sure the installed wallpaper is static. Avoid the use of a wallpaper that moves, because it will burden the performance of the cellphone.

4. Remove Unused Applications

The many new applications on the Google Play Store are always interesting to try. Unwittingly, many applications are neglected, causing your android smartphone to be burdened.

To maintain the stability of your android smartphone’s performance, immediately delete unused applications.

Sometimes some applications cannot be uninstalled because they are the default system. What is annoying is the fact that sometimes the default applications of the system continue to run even if they are not needed, thus consuming RAM and slowing down your android.

5. Turn off Synchronization

To stay connected to all accounts installed on your android, the Auto-Sync feature must be activated. But this has a big impact on the performance of your android.

Turning off Auto-Sync is very useful for dealing with your android smartphone that is experiencing slow.

But it impacts on you having to open applications manually like Email or Calendar.

6. Use Launcher

One of the advantages of an android smartphone that makes it widely used is the ease of customization.

If you get bored with the look carried by OEM android devices, you can try using another launcher. Besides changing the atmosphere, changing the launcher is also useful for overcoming your android which feels slow thanks to the default UI.

7. Factory Reset

The best way to restore your cellphone as new again is to do a factory reset, this aims to clean up all data in it.

Before doing a factory reset, it’s a good idea to backup your important data first. With reason, the cell phone will look like new again.

Hopefully by speeding up the android above, your android mobile will be faster so that daily activities are not interrupted.